My name is A., and I’m a premedical student who recently graduated from college with a degree in pre-medy things currently applying to medical school.

Unfortunately for me, or fortunately for me, I have not yet been admitted anyone and am going to have to make some serious changes to my application for the next cycle. Serious changes like:

  • battling my crippling depression to help me reach a safe, healthy mental space
  • reworking my MCAT study plans to take the exam again and attain a score that I’m proud of and confident that it reflects my abilities
  • rediscovering lost hobbies, lost pleasures, and a lost sense of self

This blog aims to chronicle my struggles with readers who I hope are like me in the sense that they spent hours pouring on the internet wondering when a real blogger, someone who doesn’t have “it” all together all the time, would post about how they actually did it – got into medical school. We know that students who get accepted have great statistics like GPA and MCAT and volunteering hours, but I’d like to see the grit that goes into the story, what really helped motivate them when they had an 8 AM lab report due and were starting at midnight. Or they could only volunteer at the hospital overnight because they were swamped with research and course credits. Or their only option was to take all 13 Physics practice tests because they really had no idea what they were doing.

So, I have decided to better myself, and I believe I have started on this journey of recovery with the very writing of my first post. I hope that I will be able to unveil my anonymity when I feel comfortable with how far my progress has come.

Until then,



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